Thursday, September 9, 2010

Can't sleep

I couldn't sleep so I thought I'd show you guys why.
This is my half bob cat Tigger. He turned nine this year. He's at the grumpy stage in his life where if something doesn't go his way you get clawed the hell up. When I finally get comfortable and am just about to fall asleep, bam. Here comes Tigger and my face is his pillow, and I don't dare try to move him. I've had my share of claw marks. I'm a cat person if you haven't guessed by now. Sure, for about a year they love to play with you. Some even have that kitten stage longer, but eventually they get old like Tigger here. Now he is by no means crippled. He'll run off anything that dares to step foot in our yard. But you start to miss the days when they needed your affection constantly. And they were always cuddled up against you, or following you around. But the best thing to me about cats is that even in their old age, they have those rare moments when you can look in their eyes and see the kitten in them again as they snuggle up under your neck and start to purr. Those moments make me tear up. Because cat owners know that full grown cats are completely in dependant. So when those rare kitten like moments do come around, cherish them. Your beloved feline friend won't be around forever.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Someone hacked into the paypal account I set up. From now on, please use the Donate button at the top.Please give all you can spare. Even if it's just a dollar. I'm going to post pics of her eye tomorrow. I know we can do this guys. I love all of my readers for helping me do this. Seeing my mom cry tears of joy because she won't lose her eye was something that I will never forget. Now, let's kick it into overdrive and get this shit done. I have the best readers in the world and we're so close to having enough money for the drops. Hang with us guys. And if any of you ever need any help, I'll do everything in my power to help any of my followers out.

My mom says thank you from the bottom of her heart. You're complete strangers and she loves you all like you were you were her own children. (I'm jealous) lol

? ns guys. We still need a lot more but i know we'll get there. When i get home I'll post pics of how much my mom's eye has improved thanks to you guys. Th
? Heyo i'm staying at a friends house for a few days so i won't be able to blog. Just wanted to say good work with the donatio

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I know there's more fighting spirit left in you guys! Don't let my mom lose her eye to some pussy ass bacteria. I know for a fact that we'll pull through with the money to pay for the drops. As great as that would be, as her son, I can't take her crying at night. she thinks I don't hear her, but I do. and it breaks my heart. so please. Even if it's just a dollar, help my mother beat this bacteria down. She's in so much main.I would give anything in the world if it were me in pain instead of her, but this is the next best thing. Suzette Cameron, we will cure your eye. And when we do it will be even more glorious than it was before. Now, some of you may not be able to help. And there's nothing wrong with that. Just keep her in your thoughts and prayers, but those of you who can help, please, I beg of you, let the suffering stop.Just donate at the bottom of the page. I would  never ask this if the eye drops themselves weren't $200 each. And she needs three bottles. I know we'll make it though this. But I need everyones help. So please, donate and get my mother's eye back to it's former glory.