Thursday, September 9, 2010

Can't sleep

I couldn't sleep so I thought I'd show you guys why.
This is my half bob cat Tigger. He turned nine this year. He's at the grumpy stage in his life where if something doesn't go his way you get clawed the hell up. When I finally get comfortable and am just about to fall asleep, bam. Here comes Tigger and my face is his pillow, and I don't dare try to move him. I've had my share of claw marks. I'm a cat person if you haven't guessed by now. Sure, for about a year they love to play with you. Some even have that kitten stage longer, but eventually they get old like Tigger here. Now he is by no means crippled. He'll run off anything that dares to step foot in our yard. But you start to miss the days when they needed your affection constantly. And they were always cuddled up against you, or following you around. But the best thing to me about cats is that even in their old age, they have those rare moments when you can look in their eyes and see the kitten in them again as they snuggle up under your neck and start to purr. Those moments make me tear up. Because cat owners know that full grown cats are completely in dependant. So when those rare kitten like moments do come around, cherish them. Your beloved feline friend won't be around forever.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Someone hacked into the paypal account I set up. From now on, please use the Donate button at the top.Please give all you can spare. Even if it's just a dollar. I'm going to post pics of her eye tomorrow. I know we can do this guys. I love all of my readers for helping me do this. Seeing my mom cry tears of joy because she won't lose her eye was something that I will never forget. Now, let's kick it into overdrive and get this shit done. I have the best readers in the world and we're so close to having enough money for the drops. Hang with us guys. And if any of you ever need any help, I'll do everything in my power to help any of my followers out.

My mom says thank you from the bottom of her heart. You're complete strangers and she loves you all like you were you were her own children. (I'm jealous) lol

? ns guys. We still need a lot more but i know we'll get there. When i get home I'll post pics of how much my mom's eye has improved thanks to you guys. Th
? Heyo i'm staying at a friends house for a few days so i won't be able to blog. Just wanted to say good work with the donatio

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I know there's more fighting spirit left in you guys! Don't let my mom lose her eye to some pussy ass bacteria. I know for a fact that we'll pull through with the money to pay for the drops. As great as that would be, as her son, I can't take her crying at night. she thinks I don't hear her, but I do. and it breaks my heart. so please. Even if it's just a dollar, help my mother beat this bacteria down. She's in so much main.I would give anything in the world if it were me in pain instead of her, but this is the next best thing. Suzette Cameron, we will cure your eye. And when we do it will be even more glorious than it was before. Now, some of you may not be able to help. And there's nothing wrong with that. Just keep her in your thoughts and prayers, but those of you who can help, please, I beg of you, let the suffering stop.Just donate at the bottom of the page. I would  never ask this if the eye drops themselves weren't $200 each. And she needs three bottles. I know we'll make it though this. But I need everyones help. So please, donate and get my mother's eye back to it's former glory.

The Fighting Spirit...

My mother has another appointment in Jackson which is a two and a half hour drive to get a check up on her eye. We've been doing this for a week and gas is getting low. Once more I ask my readers to lend me a hand. It takes five hours total to drive from here to Jackson. Not to mention the $200 eye drops that we have to have three of. I know there are people in this world that would be glad to help, and to those I say thank you. From the bottom of my heart. I plan to show pictures every day of my mother's eye getting better and better because of the drops that are being bought by people like you. And it's people like you that are the reason we're able to make it down there and back without running out of gas. This is true humanity. Even if you don't contribute. Words of encouragement help tremendously. So to all my readers, and to all my donates. you don't know what this means to me and my family. We've gone through some rough times. But with your help I know we'll pull through this.

My "We can do this face! GO TIME!"
Ties between brother and sister. Such a bond cannot be explained with words alone. I have three Beautiful sisters. Sharonna, and her lovely daughter Mckayla, Becky:with her thres kids Byan, and Amnber. And last bu loeast my beloeved sister Kimmy. Kim alo has children. When the whole family is together ifs as if I'm being suffocated. There are too many people.Darling get down from the :ledge. He drew closer and closer to the end and stopptod. He grabbed kimmy, the only way we saw. Down the giant waterfl. After the terriffying expericne they decded to set up campt Little to their knowladgeee they had stumbled ununion  They tackled three guards and stoletheir weapoins and quipment. Luckiily the guards

Monday, September 6, 2010

My mom...

At the very bottom of the site you'll notice I've added a "Donate" button for Paypal. Now, normally I wouldn't do this for the money because I really do enjoy blogging. It gives me a way to express ideas in ways I never thought possible. And to share those ideas with people all around the world. Anyway. two weeks ago my mother went to the emergency room and the doctor told her she had pink eye in both eyes. This was not the case. He gave her some drops and told her it would get better in time. Day after day she put drops in but the eye only got worse. She finally went to a specialist and he rushed her right to Jackson (the state) capitol. The doctor there said that the emergency room doctor had given her drops that had actually melted her contacts on to her eye balls. Now, she thought she had flushed her contacts out days ago. But since she was unable to see, she wasn't sure. So the doctor had to scrape the contacts out of her swollen eye. And then came the bad news.He would give her four different drops to put in every hour for three weeks. And if those drops didn't improve or didn't improve well enough then she would lose her eye. The drops are $200 each for three bottles. My sister was kind enough to buy the first three, but now my entire family is broke and terrified that my mother will lose her eye. My dad has already had two strokes and is unable to work. I myself am away at college and sending all the money I can spare.  I'm not asking anyone for any large donation. However, if you would like to help a family in need we would be forever grateful, and somehow we could repay you. Thank you everyone and keep my mother in your prayers

-Note, Picture above his her eye after two weeks of putting drops in it and it still looks that bad. Without more drops she'll have to  undergo surgery that could cause blindness.


Sorry about last night's post. I was...a little out of it. If you catch my drift. I didn't mean to go all emo on you guys. I guess the combination of medicine I was taking and the emotions I was filled with caused me to write in a flurry of emotions. Granted, most of what I said was true. I don't remember writing any of it. However. The last sentence caught my eye. "When my corner crumbles away, will I fall into the nothingness like the rest of of my family or will my wings spread and carry them to new heights?". This gives me hope. Maybe when all humans are backed into a corner and there is no where to go, we sprout wings, and go the only way we can go. Up. Never forget the wings that are waiting to blossom inside you.

-Nugs out

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Family follow up

My family is hard on me. They talk about one another as if they're the most perfect child in existence  They can be talking about one sister on the phone and immediately hang up and talk about the other one like shit. I hate it. Because I'm still in the middle of it. I know my family loves me and I love them with all my heart. My wrist finally healed so I intend to be hell on wheels typing to catch back up. There's just been a lot of shit going on. I thought about what my dad had to say and what my mom had to say. She wanted me to think about the other side of the family. Which I am. I have three Beautiful amazing sisters, Becky, Sharaonna, and Kimmy. I would do anything in the world for these three. And right now two of them are fighting. They may not know it but, it's tearing me up on the inside. I love all of my family. I want them to get along. And I know I am of no help. I quietly sit in the corner and watch and my family crumbles beneath me my feet. What will happen when my section starts to crumble? Will I fade into nothingness? Or will I spread my wings and fly and carry my family up to bigger and better places?
My family needs it. And so do I. And to all my readers, being able to express this means more than you know. and I still can't get it out how I want, But I'm trying Bare with me for just a little while longer, please.

Follow up

Above are a few of the pictures taken at Mr. Lashua's birthday party that I told you about in an earlier post. Well, thanks to you, and everyone else, this man had an amazing birthday party. He received hundreds of cards and presents. He was asked during the party "Which card do you like the best?" to which he replied "All of them." We made a difference in this man's life. This also shows even a 90 year old war veteran can feel like a child again. I want to thank all of my readers who helped make this man's birthday one he will never forget. Good job guys.

-Nugs out

Friday, September 3, 2010

Heart to heart

Last night my dad and I had a heart to heart talk for the first time in a very long time. And it made me sad. His outlook on life isn't what I thought it would be. His view of the world is cold and distorted. To him everyone is a possible killer. Now, he is by no means paranoid. He just has this odd dislike of being around people. Which I share I guess. He believes this world will never get better and that we all have to look out for our selves and no one else. This was hard for me to understand. I've always believed the world was a harsh place sure, but I've also always believed that one day it would change. And there would come a day when people truly got along with one another. Besides that, I'm the type of person that looks out for other people. I'm by no means a hero, but if someone were in danger I would do everything in my power to protect that person, even if I didn't know them. But last night got me thinking. Have I been wrong all these years? Is my view of the world still childish? Will it only get worse? Am I one of the few of a dying breed that would die to protect someone else? I suppose we all need our faith in humanity restored at some point. I guess that point is now for me.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yay readers!

I finally got over 100 followers and well over 1000 page views. I wanted to thank all my readers for the positive feedback they've been giving me. It means a lot. I'm starting really love blogging. I wasn't born with the ability to give dramatic speeches or the ability to talk myself out of sticky situations. The truth is I'm a horrible speaker. However, when I blog for some reason I can actually get my ideas out of my head. Ideas that no matter how hard I try I can't express them when talking. This blog has given me a chance to express a few of those ideas and thoughts. And it's all because of my readers and followers. So thank you guys. I hope you'll continue to follow me while I try to improve my blog. And if there's a topic you'd like to see a post about I would be more than happy to give it my best shot.

In return for your support I give you the embarrassing picture of me in my sister's glasses for your loling pleasure.
-Nugs out

Music time!

For those of you who are obsessed with music like I am, this site is perfect for you.
Welcome to Pandora. Internet radio at its finest. This site lets you customize your stations. Start by picking a song or a band and it will make a channel out of that. From there you can thumbs up songs (Pandora will then remember the thumbs up and play more songs like that) or you can thumb a song down (Pandora will apologize and remove the song from the station). If there's an artist you hate that gets into your channel, thumb down three of their songs and they will be banned from your station. So you won't have to worry about listening to that song you hate again. Now, all Pandora requires is an email address and you get 30 hours of music a month. You could upgrade for some cash and get unlimited music. However I found a better way if you're cheap like I am. Pandora doesn't log your IP address. Simply make multiple email addresses and use them. Each email address will have 30 hours of music. At the end of the month they'll all reset to 30 hours. Happy rocking out!
-Nugs out

Jon Stewart vs Glenn Beck

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
The 11/3 Project
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Wanted to share one of my all time favorite clips from The Daily Show. I love you Jon Stewart. (no homo)

William Lashua

This is William Lashua. He's a WWII vet turning 90 years old this year. However, he is extremely lonely. This photo was taken at a 7-11 because people wanted what could be his last birthday to be special. All people are invited. Anything you could do to help him would be greatly appreciated. If it weren't for men like him we probably wouldn't even have internet, or freedom for that matter. He risked his life to keep his country safe. Let's make his birthday memorable.

Here's what info I have: William J Lashua
c/o Ashburnham American Legion
132 Williams, RD
Ashburnham, MA 01430

There's also a Facebook group if you'd like to join:Facebook
Let's honor this man like the hero he is.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Helping the cause

The ACTA will pass soon and the internet as we know it will be a thing of the past. However, there are things you can do to help raise awareness about this invasion of our privacy and rights as humans. Go to and leave this page open. What this does is loads "acta is unconstitutional" into Bing, Yahoo, and Google search bars. This way more people will be aware of the ACTA because it will be at the top of the search criteria. Just leave the page open and that's all you have to do. We may not can stop the treaty from being passed, but we'll sure as hell give the government a reason to reconsider. Honestly I pity them. The internet is a large source of information, socialization, and when the internet rises as a whole, there's nothing that can't be accomplished. Let's keep the net we love so much the way it is.

-Nugs out

Hero dog...


What is a family? Is it just someone you're related to? Or is it something more? To me family are the people that are always there when you need them. Sure, harsh words can be exchanged. Sometimes you might even think you hate them. However, at the bottom of their heart, a family member would fight against death itself to protect you. What makes this more amazing is when the family comes together. It can be hard, and sometimes you may think you don't need them anymore. But when the family comes together something amazing happens. Something mere mortal words cannot express. The feeling you get when you're surrounded by the people you're proud to call your family. Brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, and anyone else lucky enough to be considered a family member has a special bond with one another. A bond so strong no hardship could break it. This is what a family is. An unbreakable spirit. One of the world's greatest phenomenons. Nothing else in existence has the power that a family does when they bond together. My family is a perfect example. We may act distant, we may say we hate one another, we cry, we scream. But when that defining moment presents itself, my family is a shining beacon of hope that will never be extinguished.

Get on my horse!

Made me giggle