Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dem shows

Throwing up some sites to watch some TV shows on.

Futurama-I always get a good laugh out of this show. This site has all the episodes so far (new ones are still being made) plus all of the movies to date.

Naruto Shippuden-It has it's ups and downs. Overall it's an alright show. This site has all episodes and movies. Plus links to the original series if you'd rather watch that.

Bleach-Personally I like it more than Naruto. All episodes are here. New episodes are added weekly. Same with Naruto. Bleach movies can also be found here.

The Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart-Absolutely love this show. If you're a fan of Jon Stewart like I am then you'd probably enjoy his book

America (The Book): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction. It makes for a good read.

The Colbert Report-Another amazing news parody show. Although I like The Daily Show a bit more, The Colbert Report is still one of my favorite shows.

Toonami-If you're a 90's kid like I was, then this is the site for you. It has all the old Toonami shows. DBZ, G Gundam, and many more. Not to mention even the old commercials for an epic nostalgia-gasm. 

All of these sites are free and the quality is good as well. Now you really have a reason to never turn away from your computer screen, as if you needed a reason.
Nugs out-


  1. >.<!! We like the same shows!!! but ofc, I'll put Bleach as 1th, Naruto Shippuden as 2nd :P

  2. No way, Naruto is number 1!

  3. I LOVE TOONAMI. Not a fan of the newer stuff, thanks!