Wednesday, September 1, 2010


What is a family? Is it just someone you're related to? Or is it something more? To me family are the people that are always there when you need them. Sure, harsh words can be exchanged. Sometimes you might even think you hate them. However, at the bottom of their heart, a family member would fight against death itself to protect you. What makes this more amazing is when the family comes together. It can be hard, and sometimes you may think you don't need them anymore. But when the family comes together something amazing happens. Something mere mortal words cannot express. The feeling you get when you're surrounded by the people you're proud to call your family. Brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, and anyone else lucky enough to be considered a family member has a special bond with one another. A bond so strong no hardship could break it. This is what a family is. An unbreakable spirit. One of the world's greatest phenomenons. Nothing else in existence has the power that a family does when they bond together. My family is a perfect example. We may act distant, we may say we hate one another, we cry, we scream. But when that defining moment presents itself, my family is a shining beacon of hope that will never be extinguished.


  1. Amen. Family, whether blood relatives or extended are some of the most incredible things to witness/be a part of, especially if you were there when they were forming and can look back on it, so crazy.

  2. I love my family, they are unconditional to me~

  3. You're fortunate to have that kind of family. I didn't get that in my family of birth, but I've created family among my friends. The human spirit is a remarkable thing.

    Nice post. :-)