Thursday, September 2, 2010

Music time!

For those of you who are obsessed with music like I am, this site is perfect for you.
Welcome to Pandora. Internet radio at its finest. This site lets you customize your stations. Start by picking a song or a band and it will make a channel out of that. From there you can thumbs up songs (Pandora will then remember the thumbs up and play more songs like that) or you can thumb a song down (Pandora will apologize and remove the song from the station). If there's an artist you hate that gets into your channel, thumb down three of their songs and they will be banned from your station. So you won't have to worry about listening to that song you hate again. Now, all Pandora requires is an email address and you get 30 hours of music a month. You could upgrade for some cash and get unlimited music. However I found a better way if you're cheap like I am. Pandora doesn't log your IP address. Simply make multiple email addresses and use them. Each email address will have 30 hours of music. At the end of the month they'll all reset to 30 hours. Happy rocking out!
-Nugs out


  1. Cool dude, my blog is also talking about music ! Be sure to check it, there's free albums to download. Well actually just one for the moment, but I'll add more free content in the future !

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  3. Pandora is the shit!

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