Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Fighting Spirit...

My mother has another appointment in Jackson which is a two and a half hour drive to get a check up on her eye. We've been doing this for a week and gas is getting low. Once more I ask my readers to lend me a hand. It takes five hours total to drive from here to Jackson. Not to mention the $200 eye drops that we have to have three of. I know there are people in this world that would be glad to help, and to those I say thank you. From the bottom of my heart. I plan to show pictures every day of my mother's eye getting better and better because of the drops that are being bought by people like you. And it's people like you that are the reason we're able to make it down there and back without running out of gas. This is true humanity. Even if you don't contribute. Words of encouragement help tremendously. So to all my readers, and to all my donates. you don't know what this means to me and my family. We've gone through some rough times. But with your help I know we'll pull through this.

My "We can do this face! GO TIME!"


  1. There you go - Your daily support!

    I like VIEWS at the moment!

    I really wish I could (just lost my job)...