Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ties between brother and sister. Such a bond cannot be explained with words alone. I have three Beautiful sisters. Sharonna, and her lovely daughter Mckayla, Becky:with her thres kids Byan, and Amnber. And last bu loeast my beloeved sister Kimmy. Kim alo has children. When the whole family is together ifs as if I'm being suffocated. There are too many people.Darling get down from the :ledge. He drew closer and closer to the end and stopptod. He grabbed kimmy, the only way we saw. Down the giant waterfl. After the terriffying expericne they decded to set up campt Little to their knowladgeee they had stumbled ununion  They tackled three guards and stoletheir weapoins and quipment. Luckiily the guards